Knowledge inside your pill
Dawai App is a digital medication companion tailored specifically to patients who fail to adhere properly on their medications. It is the first of its kind in our region and focuses on delivery right understanding on persoanl medications in order to encourage adherence and engagement by the patient into personal health.

Below are the main five features of Dawai App

  1.       Dawai Reminder

-          Tracks medication intake on time

-          Notifies on Medication Refill time

-          Alerts patient’s contacts on skipped medications

2.       Dawai Measurements

-          Manual entry of blood glucose and pressure

-          View last 7 days report of blood glucose and pressure

-          Send report to doctor email

3.       Dawai Medication Information

-          Deliver right understand on personal medications

-          Alerts on possible Drug-Drug and Drug- Food interactions

-          Notifies on possible duplicate therapy and precautions

-          Stores personal medications as archive

-          Informs which medications need refrigeration

-          Safe to take during pregnancy

-          Info graphics Instructions on how to take

4.       Dawai Side effect Checker

-          Links patient upset feeling to personal medication

-          Gives a hint which personal medication is the reason behind a particular side effect

5.       Dawai Pharmacist

-          Connect to 24/7 online pharmacist

-          Answers medication concerns through live chatting

More Coming Features will be added soon